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Speaker Stands - S01

The TRIANGLE S01 speaker stands have been designed to position your Hi-Fi bookshelf speakers optimally in your listening area.

With its height of 60 cm, the S01 will allow you to place the speakers at ear height when you are seated in order to capture all the details and nuances of your Hi-Fi system. Its upper shelf of 16.5 x 21.5 cm is able to accommodate the majority of bookshelf speakers. It includes non-slip and anti-scratch felt to guarantee the stability and protection of your speakers.

Each foot is supplied with a set of four height-adjustable decoupling spikes. It offers you the possibility of adjusting the stand according to the inclination of your floor and of absorbing all the parasitic vibrations generated during listening. The result is a clearer and more precise sound. Very solid, the S01 speaker stand has a steel construction that can support speakers weighing up to 20 kg each.

For greater ease of use, a speaker cable passage is provided starting from the base of the speaker and ending on the top of the central tube in order to compose a discreet and elegant High-Fidelity system.