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Speaker Stands

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Speaker Stands
Ballast Compatible

High-End Speaker Stand S08-C

The S08-C speaker stand is dedicated for premium center channels. The speaker is positioned at the optimal height on its stand, ensuring a perfect reproduction without interfering with the visibility of your television or projection screen.

The upper part of the S08-C is available in two versions: one to accommodate the curved shapes of the center channel Voce Magellan 40th, and a universal one to accommodate all types of center channels weighing no more than 35kg each.

Perfectly stable, the S08-C absorbs unwanted resonances to accurately reproduce the subtleties of the soundtrack and guarantee perfect intelligibility of dialogue. The central tube is made from a thick aluminum extrusion. Equipped with watertight tubes, you can add granular sand or tiny steel balls to ballast the stand and increase stability. (Triangle ballast balls sold separately)

Its high-density wood base is decoupled by three metal spikes that reduce the points of contact with the floor. The flatness is achieved by adjusting the height of the spikes, thus compensating for any imperfections in your floor. The center spike features SPEC technology for optimal vibration dissipation.

A cable management system at the back of the stand hides cables for a harmonious integration of your system in your living space.


SPEC Technology

SPEC (Single Point Energy Conductor) is a metal point. Like the design of a cello, it transmits part of the mechanical energy towards the floor, thus improving sound quality.

Cabinet vibration has thus little effect on sound reproduction.

Ballast balls

To obtain a perfectly stable speaker stand, TRIANGLE worked on a ballasting solution. The tube made of high-density micro-cylinders, can accommodate ballast balls to effectively reduce the risk of resonance and vibration generated by the speaker.

Each kit contains 4 bags of 1kg, making it easy to place them in the central tube of your stands.




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